Streamlined blockchain integration that enables trust in your products

Enterprise-grade middleware layer for the Casper Network
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Discover our solutions for elevated dApp development
Streaming API
Casper Node API
Discover our solutions for elevated dApp development
Streaming API
Casper Node API


Enriched and indexed blockchain data behind a familiar interface. Build your dApps faster with access to structured and queryable blockchain data, and flexible NFT and Token APIs that cover the most popular blockchain use cases.

Blockchain data

Network data optimized for search and dApp integration

Token data

Fungible token balances and transaction records

NFT data

NFT activity, ownership and metadata information and the history log

Pricing data

Historical CSPR token rates that can be added to responses

Streaming API

Real-time on-chain activity streams enable you to subscribe to only the data you care about. Receive immediate JSON data over WebSockets whenever an event is emitted for the on-chain entities your application is built around.

Casper Node API

Scalable, reliable, and well-maintained Casper node infrastructure enhanced with a smart-caching layer that ensures faster access to the on-chain data

Enterprise empowers businesses to leverage the power of blockchain data through a robust, scalable API platform. Access real-time data from the Casper Network with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Faster time-to-market

Blockchain integration should not impact your delivery goals. Get ahead of the competition using our ready-to-go solutions

Lower operating costs

Enterprise-level availability requires dedicated node infrastructure, redundancy, and a support team. Save costs by using

Developer friendly

A higher level of abstraction allows developers to spend less time learning blockchain and focus on the core value of their product

Integrated ecosystem

Always be up to date with the latest protocol changes, smart contract standards, tooling and complimentary products in the Casper ecosystem.

Built by MAKE

MAKE is the leading product and technology provider in the Casper ecosystem. We are strong believers in the value that can be provided by trust, and we see blockchain as the solution. We equip developers with the fundamental instruments they need to start building and transform the future. 
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